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Features that your new handpan should have

A handpan or hang instruments may look simple and it definitely is, but you will be surprised to know that this instrument comes with a lot of features. There are also a lot of factors that each, the potential buyer should include, due to the fact they can make a difference. Now, we will reveal the secrets you should use in order to get the best handpan drum.


Yes, we know, the price is an important factor. A handpan or hang drum for sale isn’t something you can find in your local store, but there are a lot of them. Now, the price. Because these musical instruments are rare, they cost a lot. The price range will be between $2.000 and $10.000. There are more affordable units, under $1.000, but we won’t recommend them. In addition: Most people ask why handpans under $1.000 are not recommended, because they are simple products. The answer follows: the material that is used in the production process cannot withstand long usages.


After all, this instrument must withstand a lot of beating and torture. If you buy handpan drum made from soft metal, it won’t last. In fact, you have to throw it away after a short period of time. Always target those that are made from steel or similar metals, so they can actually last for centuries. In this case, a weight is a useful factor. In general, a heavier handpan is a much better choice (it has thicker construction).

Tone fields

Tone fields are those dents you can see on the ding (an upper part of a hand). Each handpan drum for sale may have different and unique tone fields. This also means that you have to choose the one that suits you the best. Always pay attention to the type of music you want to produce and not on the actual tone fields. A drum price has an important role here. Cheaper models are not something you would want, simply because they commonly have a non-balanced field tones, so they cannot produce sounds most musicians actually need.

Carrying bag or no bag

Let’s imagine you already have a handpan drum. Where will you put it? This isn’t something that can fit your pocket nor something that can be carried in a simple bag. Luckily, some models comes with a carrying bag, which is definitely something we highly recommended. A bag will be able to withstand the weight of a hang or handpan , simply because it will be made especially for that model and it will make carrying simpler. Another reason why you need a bag is that a hand has a construction that makes it a very hard to carry, so the bottom line is simple. You need a carrying bag.


The size, or dimensions when you are looking for a hang instrument for sale is far more important than just for carrying purposes. Bigger hangs have deeper tones and which are more focused towards more severe applications. On the other side, smaller handpans are for beginners and those who want to produce gentle tones. In any case, this factor fully depends on you and the type of music you want to produce. We can say that most products of this type have 53×25 cm dimensions, which is known as standard, but there are some smaller models on the market.

G/D minor

This also applies to the type of sound your hang will produce. Despite the fact almost of these handpan drums are made in a similar way, they produce different sounds. The minor, a hang drum will produce must be specified in the product description, so pay close attention. If you choose the one that cannot offer a minor you want, you will end up with a hang instrument that is useless, for your specific application. Add the fact a handpan for sale can cost you even more than $2000 and you can understand how important this factor is!

Shipping cost

We know, this isn’t some factor you usually find here, but in this case, this is important. Why? Well, hangs are not something you can find easily, which means that there are high chances you will find one in a distant country. If you do, you will have to pay for the shipping. The thing is, this international shipping lasts long and it costs a lot. The best thing you can do is to find a hang instrument that is sold with the included shipping. If you find that it will be shipped by DHL, you are a lucky person. Note: If you must pay for the shipping yourself, this may cost you a lot, which isn’t an alternative.

Anti-corrosion layer

It isn’t a secret that hang drums are made from metal, and most metals does rust, so finding a way to protect it and to make it last long is a wise decision. This is impeccable to get the one that has been coated with the anti-corrosion layer. If you don’t know what it is, think on a handpan as on your car. If it is well-protected from the rust, it will last long; if not, you will have to find a new one! Make sure your handpan drum instrument isn’t nitrited! This is a harmful compound that can have a negative effect on your health, so this is highly recommended to avoid it. IMPORTANT: You should see the description that shows you which technique a manufacturer used in order to protect a handpan instrument. If there is not a single one specification regarding this, it has no protective layer, so look for another one!

Listen to the sound before you make handpan purchase

Thanks to the internet, you can hear your new handpan before you buy it. Most manufacturers will show you videos on the internet where you will see how that item looks in real life and how it sounds. Only then you should choose it and order it. Never, buy a handpan if you cannot hear it before! There are a lot of fake models on the market, so buying the first one you see, without hearing it is an expensive mistake.

Choose the generation

The first model, made between 2001 and 2005 are treated as the first generation. Although, they are good, nowadays they are a bit obsolete. They can produce up to 45 sound variations. In general, they are good, but they are not the best and we will recommend them to entry-level models.

The second generation starts from 2006, but the best models were produced in 2007. They are coated, which we mentioned earlier, so the last longer and they even look better. They are capable of producing A and A3 tones and another D3 tone circle. We recommend these hang-like instruments, simply because they are better, and also expensive, but sometimes the price is irrelevant.

Disclaimer: This is just a Demo Post for educational purposes 

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