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Select the right Stands - AKM Music

The keys to selecting a great guitar stand are:

  • Rock Steady… No wobbling allowed!
  • Low Center of Gravity (free-standing type)… No falling if bumped!
  • Padded… No scratching or discoloring your guitar finish.
  • Convenient… It does the job without much trouble.

A free standing guitar stand can be setup anywhere there’s a little bit of floor space.There are two basic types of stands: Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted.

Free standing stands tend to have three legs that are very low to the ground. Some use two wide-based legs. Those that support multiple guitars sometimes have very a very wide base with four feet. Each can provide a very stable platform and very low center of gravity. The less portable stands provide neck support, and sometimes a way to secure your guitar in place.

You need an accessible open wall to use a wall-mounted ‘stand’. They usually install with two or three screws. Make sure you set the screws into a wall stud or a sturdy wall anchor. Choose a wall that is unlikely to see heavy foot traffic or high activity in the house.A wall-mounted guitar stand (or hanger) is really more like a ‘guitar hook’. It holds onto the headstock. It’s great for displaying your instrument and allowing you to grab it quickly for practice.

Within each basic type you can find variations that support multiple instruments, provide an enclosure for stage and shipping use, provide swivels or locks, even one that provides a useful combination of stands and a foot-pedal board. Many of these variations are only useful after you obtain multiple instruments, or if you start to travel around to play.

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